Sport Aches & Pains

sport ache & painHaving worked with local professional footballers, from teams such as Walsall F.C. Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. and Stafford Rangers F.C. as well as local running clubs and mixed martial artists from across Staffordshire both amateur and professional, we know that whether you are an amateur sports enthusiast or professional, your body is prone to the same kinds of aches and pains.
Repeated stresses can lead to a slight loss of proper movement in the bones of your spine (vertebrae) and joints, which in turn, can interfere with the healthy working of your muscles and nerves. You may have ignored the pain and carried on with your sport for too long without treatment. It’s not surprising that BCA chiropractors often see patients with problems of the shoulder, neck, elbow, back, hip, knee and ankle that could turn the enthusiastic amateur into a couch potato.
As BCA chiropractors will carry out a full examination and ask questions about your sporting life, posture, medical history and lifestyle, to discover the cause of your pain and make a diagnosis. Then your treatment will begin, often with gentle, specific manipulation, but may also include sports massage techniques, muscle active release techniques, acupuncture or sports kinesiology tapping. Treatment will normally be followed by a rehabilitation plan which may help to strengthen the affected area, having worked as a gym instructor and personal trainer in the past we use these additional skills to improve your flexibility and your muscle strength to assist in preventing future flare-ups. Chiropractic treatment aims to restore normal function to your joints and muscles and may increase your control and co-ordination.
Like most athletes who have benefited from chiropractic treatment, you may decide to return for regular check-ups to keep your body working at its best. Indeed, many top sports teams use a BCA chiropractor as part of their medical care package.

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